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Discover Norway with us

You will never forget the magnificent and stunning scenery of Norway.

Whether it is northern Norway and the Northern Lights in Winter, western Norway with its mountains and fjords or Southern Norway with its rocks and the gulls’ cries.

EXPA NORWAY is the natural first choice for those who wish to experience enriching and plentiful activities, traveling in scenic Norway.

We give you Norway and its fascinating spectrum of seasons.

EXPA NORWAY compiles the optimal activity tour for you, surrounded by the stunning nature of Norway and combines this with the best Norway has to offer in terms of food, culture and other memorable experiences.

EXPA NORWAY collaborates with the locals, who know their region to their fingertips.

What we do – we do from the heart.

And what we do from the heart – we do well.

Great Active Tours in Norway


Great Active Tours in Norway

The cold, snowy Winter with its luminous, blue skies
The spectacular and world famous Northern Lights
The beautiful, green Springtime when everything comes to life.
The cool Summer with long, light evenings and clear night skies.
The fresh Autumn with its unique colors.

Great Active Tours in Norway

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